Beierolpium cyclopium (Beier, 1965)


Original combination: Xenolpium cyclopium


Taxonomic references

Xenolpium cyclopium

Beier, 1965g: 763–764, fig. 6 original description
Tenorio and Muchmore, 1982: 383

Calocheiridius sp. vic. cyclopium (Beier):

Beier, 1982: 43

Beierolpium cyclopium (Beier):

Heurtault, 1982: 63

Calocheiridius cyclopium (Beier):

Harvey, 1991a: 270

Distribution table

Realm: Australasia

Indonesia (West Papua)
Papua New Guinea
Type locality: near Kota Nica, Cyclops Mountains, West Papua, Indonesia.


Locality Lat Lon
1 Kota Nica -2.6 140.66666
Type repository

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