Chelifer persicus Redikorzev, 1934


Original combination: Chelifer persicus


Junior synonym of: Diplotemnus insolitus insolitus Chamberlin, 1933

Taxonomic references

Chelifer persicus

Redikorzev, 1934a: 427–428 (synonymised with Diplotemnus piger (Simon) by Dashdamirov, 1991a: 102, and with Diplotemnus insolitus Chamberlin by Dashdamirov and Schawaller, 1993b: 7) original description

Withius persicus (Redikorzev):

Redikorzev, 1934b: 152 original description
Roewer, 1937: 308
Harvey, 1991a: 663

Distribution table
Type locality: Kermān, Kermān, Iran.


Locality Lat Lon
1 Kermān 30.283333 57.083333
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Date Type Reference Old value
2022-10-17 Species updated Old value
2022-09-28 Species synonymy Novák and Harvey, 2015