Taxa included

Lawrence, R.F. (1954a). Some Solifugae in the collection of the British Museum (Natural History). Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London 124: 111–124.

Rhagodorta zorab (Birula, 1905) (Solifugae: Rhagodidae) 111, Rhagodorta zorab (Birula)
Rhagodes melanopygus (Walter, 1889) (Solifugae: Rhagodidae) 111, Rhagodella melanopyga (Walter)
Karschia (Karschia) nubigena Lawrence, 1954 (Solifugae: Karschiidae) 111–113, figs 1a–b, Karschia nubigena
Ceroma macrognatha Lawrence, 1954 (Solifugae: Ceromidae) 113–114, figs 2a–c, Ceroma macrognatha
Biton (Biton) philbyi Lawrence, 1954 (Solifugae: Daesiidae) 114–115, figs 3a–b, Biton philbyi
Biton (Biton) sabulosus (Pocock, 1903) (Solifugae: Daesiidae) 116, Biton sabulosus (Pocock)
Biton (Biton) truncatidens Lawrence, 1954 (Solifugae: Daesiidae) 116, figs 3c–d, Biton truncatidens
Ferrandia arabica Lawrence, 1954 (Solifugae: Solpugidae) 116–117, fig. 4a, Ferrandia arabica
Zeria niassa kafulica (Hewitt, 1919) (Solifugae: Solpugidae) 118, Solpugarda niassa kafulica (Hewitt)
Ferrandia robusta Lawrence, 1954 (Solifugae: Solpugidae) 118, figs 4b–c, Ferrandia robusta
Othoes hirsti Lawrence, 1954 (Solifugae: Galeodidae) 118–120, figs 5a–b, Othoes hirsti
Galeodes dorsalis Roewer, 1934 (Solifugae: Galeodidae) 120, Galeodes dorsalis
Galeodellus bicolor Lawrence, 1954 (Solifugae: Galeodidae) 120–121, [junior secondary homonym of Galeodes bicolor Roewer, 1934], Galeodellus bicolor
Galeodes arabs C.L. Koch, 1842 (Solifugae: Galeodidae) 120, Galeodes arabs
Galeodes lacertosus Roewer, 1934 (Solifugae: Galeodidae) 120, Galeodes lacertosus
Galeodes bacillifer Pocock, 1900 (Solifugae: Galeodidae) 120, Galeodes bacillifer
Galeodes graecus C.L. Koch, 1842 (Solifugae: Galeodidae) 120, Galeodes graecus
Galeodes annandalei Hirst, 1908 (Solifugae: Galeodidae) 120, Galeodes annandalei
Galeodes bogojavlenskii Birula, 1906 (Solifugae: Galeodidae) 120, Galeodes bogojavlenskii
Galeodopsis cyrus (Pocock, 1895) (Solifugae: Galeodidae) 120, Galeodopsis cyrus (Pocock)
Mummucina masculina Lawrence, 1954 (Solifugae: Mummuciidae) 121–122, figs 6a–c, Mummucina masculina
Pseudocleobis ovicornis Lawrence, 1954 (Solifugae: Ammotrechidae) 123–124, figs 7a–c, Pseudocleobis ovicornis