Taxa included

Werner, F. (1911). Scorpions and annulated spiders of the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan. In: Balfour, A. (ed.) Fourth report of the Wellcome Tropical Research Laboratories at the Gordon Memorial College Khartoum Department of Education, Sudan Government, Khartoum 4B: 179–194.

Galeodes arabs C.L. Koch, 1842 (Solifugae: Galeodidae) 192, figs 29, 35, Galeodes arabs
Othoes floweri Hirst, 1911 (Solifugae: Galeodidae) 193, Othoes floweri
Paragaleodes scalaris (C.L. Koch, 1842) (Solifugae: Galeodidae) 193, Paragaleodes scalaris (C.L. Koch)
Rhagodessa melanocephala (Simon, 1879) (Solifugae: Rhagodidae) 193, fig. 30, Rhagodes melanocephalus (Simon)
Solpugassa dentatidens (Simon, 1879) (Solifugae: Solpugidae) 193, Solpuga dentatidens (Simon)
Biton (Biton) ehrenbergi Karsch, 1880 (Solifugae: Daesiidae) 194, fig. 33, Daesia ehrenbergi (Karsch)
Gluviopsis rufescens (Pocock, 1897) (Solifugae: Daesiidae) 194, fig. 32, Gluviopsis rufescens (Pocock)
Zeria schweinfurthi (Karsch, 1880) (Solifugae: Solpugidae) 194, fig. 31, Solpuga schweinfurthi