Eremobates formicarius (C.L. Koch, 1842)


Original combination: Gluvia formicaria


Taxonomic references

Gluvia formicaria

Koch, 1842: 356 original description
Koch, 1847: 99–100, fig. 1487
Koch, 1850: 98
Karsch, 1880a: n/a, fig. 18
Putnam, 1883: 268
Comstock, 1913: 37
Muma, 1951: 120–121

Datames formicarius (C.L. Koch):

144, Simon, 1879x (reference missing)

Eremobates formicaria (C.L. Koch):

Banks, 1900: 426
Kraepelin, 1901a: 126–127 (as Eremobates formicarius [sic])
Pocock, 1902c: 62–63 (as Eremobates formicarius [sic])
Turner, 1916: 160–168, ? (not seen) (probably misidentified; see Muma, 1966a: 23)
Nisbet, 1917: 22, figs 1–4
Nesbet, 1921: 14
Cloudsley-Thompson, 1968: 111, 120
Brookhart and Muma, 1981: 292
Muma, 1987: 20 (as Eremobates formicarius [sic])
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Vázquez Rojas, 1996e: 76 (as Eremobates formicarius [sic])
Harvey, 2003c: 239 (as Eremobates formicarius [sic])
Brookhart and Brookhart, 2006: 307 (as Eremobates formicarius [sic])

Datames formicaria (C.L. Koch):

Barrows, 1925: 495, figs 26, 28–29

Eremopus formicarius (C.L. Koch):

Roewer, 1934: 565, figs 324m, 326b

Not Datames cfr. formicarius (C.L. Koch):

Kraepelin, 1899c: 378 (misidentification, see Eremobates fagei (Roewer))

Distribution table
Type locality: Puebla (as Pribla [sic]), Puebla, Mexico.


Locality Lat Lon
1 Puebla 19.033333 -98.2
Type repository
Zoobank LSID


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