Taxa included

Comstock, J.H. (1913). The spider book. Doubleday, Page and Co., New York.

Solifugae Sundevall, 1833 32–36, (as Solpugida), Solifugae
Eremobates sulfureus (Simon, 1879) (Solifugae: Eremobatidae) 36, (as Eremobates sulphureus [sic]), Eremobates sulfureus (Simon)
Eremobates Banks, 1900 (Solifugae: Eremobatidae) 36, Eremobates
Datames cinerea Putnam, 1883 (Solifugae: Eremobatidae) 37, fig. 33, Eremobates cinereus (Putnam)
Hemerotrecha Banks, 1903 (Solifugae: Eremobatidae) 37–38, Hemerotrecha
Eremocosta formidabilis (Simon, 1879) (Solifugae: Eremobatidae) 37, Eremobates formidabilis (Simon)
Eremobates formicarius (C.L. Koch, 1842) (Solifugae: Eremobatidae) 37, Gluvia formicaria
Eremobates californicus (Simon, 1879) (Solifugae: Eremobatidae) 37, (as Eremobates californica [sic]), Eremobates californicus (Simon)
Eremorhax magnus (Hancock, 1888) (Solifugae: Eremobatidae) 37, (as Eremobates magna [sic]), Eremobates magnus (Hancock) (Hancock)
Eremobates putnamii (Banks, 1898) (Solifugae: Eremobatidae) 37, (as Eremobates putnami), Eremobates putnamii (Banks)
Eremobates pallipes (Say, 1822) (Solifugae: Eremobatidae) 37, Eremobates pallipes (Say)
Hemerotrecha californica (Banks, 1899) (Solifugae: Eremobatidae) 38, Ammotrecha californica (Banks)
Ammotrechula peninsulana (Banks, 1898) (Solifugae: Ammotrechidae) 38, Ammotrecha peninsulana (Banks)
Ammotrecha Banks, 1900 (Solifugae: Ammotrechidae) 38, Ammotrecha
Hemerotrecha californica Banks, 1903 (Solifugae: Eremobatidae) 38, [junior secondary homonym of Cleobis californica Banks, 1899], Hemerotrecha californica
Ammotrechella cubae (Lucas, 1835) (Solifugae: Ammotrechidae) 38, fig. 40, Ammotrecha cubae (Lucas)