Eremobates sulfureus (Simon, 1879)


Original combination: Datames sulfureus


Taxonomic references

Datames sulfureus

142–143, Simon, 1879x (reference missing)
Putnam, 1883: 267
Banks, 1895c: 432
Banks, 1902b: 220
Muma, 1951: 118–119, figs 247–248

Eremobates sulfureus (Simon):

Banks, 1900: 426 (as Eremobates sulphurea [sic])
Banks, 1901a: 594 (as Eremobates sulphurea [sic])
Kraepelin, 1901a: 123
Comstock, 1913: 36 (as Eremobates sulphureus [sic])
Pratt, 1935: 477 (as Eremobates sulphurea [sic])
Muma, 1970a: 28 (designated as nomen dubium)
Muma, 1976: 18
Cloudsley-Thompson, 1977: 64
Harvey, 2003c: 243–244

Eremostata sulfurea (Simon):

Roewer, 1934: 574, figs 324u, 327h

Distribution table
US (Colorado)
Type locality: Colorado, U.S.A.


Locality Lat Lon
1 Colorado (IMPRECISE) 39 -106
Type repository
  • Holotype juv. (MNHN)
Zoobank LSID


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