Taxa included

Judson, M.L.I. (1987). Further records of pseudoscorpions (Arachnida) from Hertfordshire. Transactions of the Hertfordshire Natural History Society and Field Club 29: 368–370.

Chthonius orthodactylus (Leach, 1817) (Pseudoscorpiones: Chthoniidae) 368, Chthonius orthodactylus (Leach)
Ephippiochthonius tetrachelatus (Preyssler, 1790) (Pseudoscorpiones: Chthoniidae) 369, Chthonius tetrachelatus (Preyssler)
Chthonius tenuis L. Koch, 1873 (Pseudoscorpiones: Chthoniidae) 369, Chthonius tenuis
Pselaphochernes dubius (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1892) (Pseudoscorpiones: Chernetidae) 369, Allochernes dubius (O. Pickard-Cambridge)
Allochernes powelli (Kew, 1916) (Pseudoscorpiones: Chernetidae) 369, Allochernes powelli (Kew)
Lamprochernes nodosus (Schrank, 1803) (Pseudoscorpiones: Chernetidae) 369, Lamprochernes nodosus (Schrank)
Pselaphochernes scorpioides (Hermann, 1804) (Pseudoscorpiones: Chernetidae) 369, Pselaphochernes scorpioides (Hermann)
Cheiridium museorum (Leach, 1817) (Pseudoscorpiones: Cheiridiidae) 369, Cheiridium museorum (Leach)
Roncus lubricus L. Koch, 1873 (Pseudoscorpiones: Neobisiidae) 369, Roncus lubricus
Dinocheirus panzeri (C.L. Koch, 1836) (Pseudoscorpiones: Chernetidae) 370, Dinocheirus panzeri (C.L. Koch)