Pseudochthonius orthodactylus Muchmore, 1970


Original combination: Pseudochthonius orthodactylus


Taxonomic references

Pseudochthonius orthodactylus

Muchmore, 1970b: 221–223, figs 1–3 original description
Mahnert, 1979d: 728–729
Mahnert, 1985b: 76
Mahnert and Adis, 1986: 213
Harvey, 1991a: 197
Mahnert and Adis, 2002: 379

Distribution table

Realm: Neotropic

Brazil (Pará)
Type locality: Belém do Pará, Pará, Brazil.


Locality Lat Lon
1 Belém do Pará -1.45 -48.483333
Type repository
  • Holotype male (AMNH, WM 634.01001)

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