Bisetocreagris kaznakovi (Redikorzev, 1918)


Original combination: Ideobisium (Microcreagris) kaznakovi


Taxonomic references

Ideobisium (Microcreagris) kaznakovi

Redikorzev, 1918: 96–98, figs 5, 6, 6a original description

Microcreagris kaznakovi (Redikorzev):

Chamberlin, 1930: 28
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Roewer, 1937: 251

Bisetocreagris kaznakovi (Redikorzev):

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Not Microcreagris kaznakovi (Redikorzev):

Beier, 1974b: 265 (misidentification; see Stenohya gruberi)
Schawaller, 1983a: 108, figs 4–7 (misidentification; see Stenohya gruberi)

Bisetocreagris phoebe Ćurčić, 1985 -- synonymised by Dashdamirov and Schawaller, 1992a: 11
Bisetocreagris phoebe
Ćurčić, 1985a: 338–339, figs 31–36 original description
Harvey, 1991a: 332 (synonymised by Dashdamirov and Schawaller, 1992a: 11)
Distribution table
China (Qinghai)
Type locality: Amnenkor Mountains, Tibet, Qinghai, China.


Locality Lat Lon
1 Amnen-kor Mountains (estimated from Kozloff, 1908) 35.333333 97.75
Type repository
  • 1 (ZIL).
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