Dinocheirus arizonensis (Banks, 1901)


Original combination: Chelanops arizonensis

LSID urn:lsid:wac.nmbe.ch:name:59c29d73-dbc0-4964-a437-7f8af173d6f1

Genus type of Epaphochernes Beier, 1932

Taxonomic references

Chelanops arizonensis

Banks, 1901b: 589, fig. 2 (in part, see Parachelifer hubbardi (Banks)) original description
Coolidge, 1908: 112
Chamberlin, 1923c: 379–380, plate 3 figs 8, 30

Hesperochernes arizonensis (Banks):

Beier, 1930a: 213–214, figs 9a–c

Epaphochernes arizonensis (Banks):

Beier, 1932e: 173–174, figs 181–182
Roewer, 1936: n/a, fig. 83c

Dinocheirus arizonensis (Banks):

Beier, 1933b: 100
Chamberlin, 1934a: n/a, figs 1d–e, 1q, 1t, 1u, 1z
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Distribution table

Realm: Nearctic

US (Arizona)
Type locality: Oracle, Pinal County, Arizona, U.S.A.


Locality Lat Lon
1 Oracle 32.616666 -110.766666
Type repository
Zoobank LSID



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