Semeiochernes armiger (Balzan, 1892)


Original combination: Chelifer (Trachychernes) armiger


Taxonomic references

Chelifer (Trachychernes) armiger

Balzan, 1892: 527–528, fig. 18 original description

Chelifer armiger Balzan:

With, 1908a: 261

Chernes armiger (Balzan):

Chamberlin, 1931a: n/a, fig. 30e

Semeiochernes armiger (Balzan):

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Distribution table

Realm: Neotropic

Brazil (Amazonas, Pará)
Trinidad and Tobago
Type locality: Pebas, Loreto, Peru.


Locality Lat Lon
1 Pebas -3.333333 -71.85
Type repository
Zoobank LSID


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2022-03-18 Species updated Old value
2022-03-18 New taxonomic reference entry Christophoryová, Vidlicka, Kautman and Krajčovičová, 2018