Muscichernes katoi Morikawa, 1960


Original combination: Muscichernes katoi


Genus type of Muscichernes Morikawa, 1960

Junior synonym of: Lamprochernes savignyi Simon, 1881

Taxonomic references

Muscichernes katoi

Morikawa, 1960: 140–141, plate 3 fig. 7, plate 7 fig. 16, plate 9 fig. 19 original description
Sato, 1994b: 80
Poinar, Ćurčić and Cokendolpher, 1998: 88 (synonymised by Harvey, 1987c: 112)

Distribution table
Type locality: Shakujii, Tokyo Prefecture, Japan.


Locality Lat Lon
1 Shakujii 35.75 139.6
Type repository

Harvey, M.S. (1987c). Redescription and new synonyms of the cosmopolitan species Lamprochernes savignyi (Simon) (Chernetidae: Pseudoscorpionida). Bulletin of the British Arachnological Society 7: 111–116. -- Show included taxa

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Sato, H. (1994b). [Pseudoscorpions]. In: Environment Agency (ed.) [A checklist of the Japanese species of wildlife] Japan Wildlife Research Center, Tokyo: 79–81. -- Show included taxa


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