Namibesia pallida Lawrence, 1962


Original combination: Namibesia pallida


Genus type of Namibesia Lawrence, 1962

Taxonomic references

Namibesia pallida

Lawrence, 1962a: 217–218, figs 1c–e original description
Lawrence, 1963: 18, 24
Wharton, 1981: 38, figs 14, 35
Maury, 1985b: 2, figs 1–2
Griffin, 1990: 78–81
Punzo, 1998g: n/a, fig. 4–8e
Harvey, 2003c: 235

Namibesia purpurea Lawrence, 1962 -- synonymised by Wharton, 1981: 38
Namibesia purpurea
Lawrence, 1962a: 218, figs 2a–b original description
Lawrence, 1963: 18, 24 (synonymised by Wharton, 1981: 38)
Distribution table
Type locality: Gobabeb flats, E. of the Kuiseb River, Erongo, Namibia.


Locality Lat Lon
1 Gobabeb -23.566666 15.033333
Type repository
Zoobank LSID


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