Paratemnoides elongatus (Banks, 1895)


Original combination: Atemnus elongatus


Junior synonym of: Paratemnoides nidificator Balzan, 1888

Taxonomic references

Atemnus elongatus

Banks, 1895a: 10 original description
Banks, 1904a: 141
Coolidge, 1908: 112
Banks, 1909c: 174
Chamberlin, 1931a: n/a, fig. 11k (synonymized with Paratemnoides nidificator (Balzan, 1888) by Judson, 2016: 73)

Genus? elongatus Banks:

Beier, 1932e: 277
Roewer, 1937: 317

Paratemnus elongatus (Banks):

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Paratemnoides elongatus (Banks):

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Not Atemnus elongatus Banks:

Berger, 1906: 489–490, fig. 1 (misidentification; see Paratemnoides nidificator (Balzan))

Distribution table

Realm: Nearctic; Neotropic

Type locality: St Lucie River, Sand Point, Enterprise, Punta Gorda, Volusia County, Florida, U.S.A.


Locality Lat Lon
1 Sand Point 28.616666 -80.8
Type repository
Zoobank LSID


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Date Type Reference Old value
2022-03-05 New taxonomic reference entry Armas, Alegre B., Barba D., Rodríguez-Cabrera, Alayón G. and Peréz G., 2017