Syarinus obscurus (Banks, 1893)


Original combination: Ideoroncus obscurus


Genus type of Syarinus Chamberlin, 1925

Taxonomic references

Ideoroncus obscurus

Banks, 1893: 66–67 original description
Banks, 1895a: 11
Banks, 1904b: 364
Coolidge, 1908: 113
Banks, 1911: 639
Moles, 1914c: 196–197
Banks, 1916: 72
Moles and Moore, 1921: 8

Ideobisium obscurum (Banks):

Ellingsen, 1908e: 163

Syarinus obscurus (Banks):

Chamberlin, 1925a: 330
Chamberlin, 1930: 39
Chamberlin, 1931a: n/a, figs 9d, 15f, 17l-m, 19e, 25k, 43s-t, 47d
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Distribution table

Realm: Nearctic

Canada (British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Yukon Territory)
US (California, Montana, New Mexico, Utah, Washington, Wyoming)
Type locality: Olympia, Thurston County, Washington, U.S.A.


Locality Lat Lon
1 Olympia 47.033333 -122.9
Type repository
Zoobank LSID


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